No one colors more types of surfaces

more types of surfaces

PPG’s color influence can be felt far and wide. We're in more industries and we cover more types of surfaces than any other coatings company. This breadth of industry and surface knowledge allows us to continually innovate in the world of color. And to continually impact businesses around the globe.

As your color partner, expect us to possess a world of knowledge and expertise. We know the local scene. Understand your capabilities, processes and culture. And provide just the skills and training you need right now - whether it's an employee, a new application or color consulting.

PPG has the unique ability to think small and tailor solutions for companies focused on their local markets and customers. As a global leader, we’re just as capable of thinking big. Always delivering with precision, accuracy and consistency. And providing best-in-class tools, displays and materials. Our customers benefit from our world-class expertise. Our industry experts and state-of-the-art capabilities can be brought to your location, whenever it’s needed.

Global expertise, applied locally. That's PPG. Learn more about our global color expertise.

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